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April 2017 Meeting – Weds 5th At 7pm

Next week is the April 2017 meeting of Liverpool LUG. It will take place Wednesday April 5th from 7pm GMT, at our usual home of DoES Liverpool in Hannover St, City Centre. This month we have a guest speaker, Les Pritchard

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Feb 2017 Meeting – Weds 1st @ 7pm

Hello all, it’s time for the February 2017 meeting of Liverpool LUG. It will take place Wednesday Feb 1st at 7pm GMT. This months meeting is an open forum, that’s code for “we don’t have a talk arranged”. Feel free

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November Meeting – Wednesday 2nd

We are not having a regular meeting at DoES this month. Instead we will have a LivLUG outing to Ignite. Some members like to attend both, and there is a clash of dates this month. In addition, they have lots

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LivLUG Meeting – Wednesday October 5th

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday October 5th. There will be a talk from Neil Bothwick on creating a system rescue USB stick that is able to boot from a choice of Live CD ISO images stored on the

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Meeting on Wednesday September 7th @7pm

Our next meeting will be tomorrow, on Wednesday September 7th. We do not have a talk planned so this will be a more social meeting. If history is any guide, we’ll soon find something to talk about. We will meet

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Meeting: Wednesday 6th July

Our next meeting will be this coming Wednesday, July 6th The talk we didn’t have last month will be happening this time. It will be given by Sebastian Arcus and is a follow up to his recent talk on DNS,

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A Change Of Venue

For over 5 years now we’ve met in the Liverpool Social Centre on Bold St and enjoyed the wonderful support of the good people there. We’ve also tried to give a little back by setting up community access PCs with

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Wisdom From RMS

I could have made money this way, and perhaps amused myself writing code. But I knew that at the end of my career, I would look back on years of building walls to divide people, and feel I had spent

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Linus Torvalds’ Autograph

Linus Torvalds’ autograph. Well it is a Linux group after all and we had to test this with something! The autograph was collected from Linus himself by a LUG member at LinuxCon 2009 in Portland, Oregon.

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Hello World

Hello world? Here’s our shiny new Tumblr blog. Hope you like it. There’s still loads to do and we’re currently busy playing with the bubble wrap of course. But we hope it’ll make it easier to update and share what’s

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